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 Heart & Hustle is a blueprint for any player who wants to improve and for parents wanting to encourage and support young athletes.  It’s for the player who has shared Frank Catalanotto’s experiences of being told that he or she isn’t good enough or has been cut from a team or left behind while teammates were moved up to higher-level teams.  The book contains inspiring and instructive stories about drive, determination, hustle and heart and how those qualities and the loving support of family can help people be their best in whatever they attempt.  But it’s also for the dreamers who live and breathe baseball and have pictured themselves walking to the plate with a major league game on the line and 50,000 screaming fans begging for a win.


“Frank Catalanotto shares a captivating story about more than just a major league dream come true.  It also illuminates life lessons on the importance of persistence and family.” 


Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

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