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On October 3 and 4, Beijing time, the 7th round of the Chinese Premier League kicked off. Liu Yi scored, Kunshan FC1-0 Nantong Zhiyun. 1-0 defeated Shenyang City, Liaoning, and Shaanxi Changan Sports won two consecutive victories. Taizhou Yuanda defeated Hohhot 2-0. Cao Yongjing and Nizamuddin each scored a goal, and the Beijingers defeated Suzhou Soochow 2-0. Sichuan Youbixuan and Heilongjiang FC fought for 90 minutes, and the two teams drew 0-0. Martins scored twice, Zhejiang Energy Greentown defeated Jiangxi Liansheng International Trade Center 2-0. With Ma Xiaolei's goal, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat defeated Beijing Beiti University 1-0 and returned to victory. Tan Long staged a hat-trick with two-legged shooting skills. Changchun Yatai swept Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan 4-1. With Chen Guokang's goal, Meizhou Hakka defeated Guizhou Hengfeng 1-0 and continued to lead Group B.

北京时间10月3日至4日,中国超级联赛第7轮揭幕。刘毅得分,昆山FC1-0南通智云。 1-0击败辽宁省沉阳市,陕西长安体育赢得了连续两场胜利。台州远大2-0击败呼和浩特。曹永静和尼扎穆丁各进一球,北京人以2-0击败苏州东吴。四川尤比轩和黑龙江FC战斗了90分钟,两队以0-0战平。马丁斯得分两次,浙江绿城能源以2-0击败江西联盛国际贸易中心。在马小雷的射门下,成都兴城人居以1比0击败北京北蒂大学并重获胜利。谭龙上演有两腿射击技巧的帽子戏法。长春亚泰4-1横扫新疆雪豹纳欢。在陈国康的进球帮助下,梅州客家队以1-0击败贵州恒丰,继续领先B组。

At 19:35 on October 4, Beijing time, Taizhou Yuanda played against Hohhot. In the 14th minute of the game, Taizhou Yuanda got a well-positioned free kick opportunity. Zhang Xinlin directly scored a free kick. The ball crossed the wall and went directly into the net. 1-0, Taizhou Yuanda took the lead. In the stoppage time of the first half, Taizhou Yuanda won the right corner of the frontcourt. Zhang Xinlin dropped the corner kick into the penalty area, Chuku inserted it in the back row, Taishan headed for the top, the header hit the goal, the ball bounced back on the ground, and successfully got into the net, 2-0. With the wonderful performance of Zhang Xinlin and Chuku, Taizhou Yuanda defeated Hohhot 2-0, out of the shadow of losing to Suzhou Soochow in the previous round.

北京时间10月4日19:35,台州远大队对阵呼和浩特。在比赛的第14分钟,台州远大获得了定位良好的任意球机会。张新林任意球直接得分。球穿过墙壁,直接进入球网。 1-0,台州远大率先。在上半场的补时阶段,台州远大赢得了前场的右角。张新林将角球丢入禁区,楚库将球插入后排,泰山冲顶,头球攻入球门,皮球反弹回地面,并成功以2-0入网。凭借张新林和楚库的出色表现,台州远大以2-0击败呼和浩特,摆脱了上一轮输给苏州东吴的阴影。

At 15:00 on October 3, Beijing time, Beijing North Sports University faced Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat. In the 10th minute of the game, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat advanced to the front court. Wang Xiaolong received the ball in front of the penalty area and took a few steps. Then he kicked a world wave and the ball went straight into the opponent's net, 0-1 . In the 20th minute, Chengdu Xingcheng Renju made a long pass from the backcourt, Leonardo flew the header and Jin Nata single-handedly hit the penalty area, facing the goalkeeper and pushing the far corner of the goal, the ball was blocked. In the 82nd minute, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat kicked a counterattack, Ma Xiaolei single-handedly hit the penalty area, facing the goalkeeper with a push, the ball was thrown straight by the goalkeeper. In the end, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat 1-0 Beijing North Sports University.


At 15:00 on October 4, Beijing time, Suzhou Soochow played against Beijing Renhe. In the 57th minute of the game, with his outstanding personal ability, Thiago stepped on a bicycle and crossed the penalty area along the right. Cao Yongjing, who followed in the middle, shot from close range, and the ball went into the net from under the crotch of the goalkeeper. , 0-1. In the 62nd minute, the Beijinger and the frontcourt free kick to the penalty area, Nizamuddin unmarked into the penalty area, stopped the ball and shot the goal, 0-2. With the goals of Cao Yongjing and Nizamuddin, the Beijingers defeated Suzhou Soochow 2-0.

北京时间10月4日15:00,苏州东吴队与北京人和队对阵。在比赛的第57分钟,Thiago以其出色的个人能力,踏上了自行车,并沿右侧越过了禁区。紧追其后的曹永静近距离射门,皮球从守门员的裤went下方进入球网。 ,0-1。在第62分钟,北京人和前场任意球射向禁区,尼扎穆丁无记入禁区,将球停下,射门得分,0-2。以曹永靖和尼扎木丁的进球,北京人以2-0击败苏州东吴。

Group situation analysis


After a small 1-0 victory over Beijing North Sports University, Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat returned to victory. He won 6 of the first 7 matches in the middle class, leading the group standings with 18 points and 5 points ahead of second place. Only one step away from Chongchao Group tickets. Taizhou Yuanda scored 13 points in 7 games, Beijing Renhe scored 12 points, and the two teams ranked second and third. The competition between the two teams has become increasingly incandescent around the number of places in the supergroup.


At 19:35 on October 4, Beijing time, Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic played against Shenyang City, Liaoning. In the 59th minute of the game, Shaanxi Changan Athletic advanced to the front court along the right. Yang Hao sent a high-quality cross. Li Yingjian, who was ambushing at the back of the penalty area, was unmarked. He jumped high and headed for the goal, the ball drilled. In the far corner of the goal, 1-0, Shaanxi Changan Athletic takes the lead. This was also the only goal in the game. Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic defeated Shenyang City, Liaoning 1-0, and won two consecutive victories in the League.


At 15:30 on October 4th, Beijing time, Jiangxi Liansheng International Trade Co., Ltd. played against Zhejiang Energy Greentown. In the first half of the game, Zhu Mingxin and Zhou Shengyuan were injured and left the field one after another, and Jiangxi Liansheng International Trade Center lost two players in a row. In the 23rd minute, Jiangxi Liansheng International Trade won the opportunity of a free kick on the right side of the front court. Xu Chen hit the goal directly with a free kick and the ball hit the crossbar. In the 26th minute, Sun Haosheng shot the right rib in the penalty area and also hit the crossbar. In the second minute of stoppage time in the first half, Sun Haosheng sent a high-quality cross from the right. Martins headed in the penalty area and the ball went into the net, 0-1. In the 60th minute, Zhejiang Energy Greentown advanced to the front court along the right, Li Wei sent a through kick, Martins slapped the horse, and the right side of the penalty area was shot from a small angle to the far corner, 0-2. With two goals from Martins, Zhejiang Energy Greentown 2-0 Jiangxi Liansheng International Trade.

北京时间10月4日15:30,江西联盛国际贸易有限公司与浙江能源绿城对决。比赛的上半场,朱明欣和周胜元受伤,并一次又一次离开比赛场地,江西联盛国际贸易中心连续丢掉两名球员。在第23分钟,江西联盛国际贸易获得了前场右侧任意球的机会。徐琛任意球直接射门得分,皮球扑上横梁。在第26分钟,孙浩生在禁区射门右侧肋骨,也击中横梁。在上半场补时阶段的第二im体育官网app分钟,孙浩生从右路送出一记高质量的十字架。马丁斯进入禁区,皮球以0-1进入球网。在第60分钟,浙江能源绿城沿右方晋级到前场,李伟打出一记全垒打,马丁斯了马,禁区右侧从小角度射向远角,0- 2。在马丁斯的两个进球中,浙江能源绿城2-0江西联盛国际贸易有限公司。

At 19:35 on October 3, Beijing time, Guizhou Hengfeng played against the Meizhou Hakka. In the 48th minute of the match, the Meizhou Hakka advanced to the front court along the left. Dunbia made a burst shot and the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. Unexpectedly, Chen Guokang, who happened to be outflanked in the middle, was caught and the latter made no adjustments. , Hit the kick, the ball went directly into the net, 0-1, Meizhou Hakka took the lead. In the 50th minute of the game, there was an unexpected situation on the field. The game was temporarily suspended due to lighting problems. At the end of the game, the smell of gunpowder on the court grew stronger. Sui Yong was punished by a red card because he was dissatisfied with the penalty and barked at the referee many times. In the end, Meizhou Hakka defeated Guizhou Hengfeng 1-0.

北京时间10月3日19:35,贵州恒丰与梅州客家对战。在比赛的第48分钟,梅州客家车队沿左侧前进到前场。邓比亚射门,球被门将扑出。出乎意料的是,恰好位于中间的陈国康被抓住了,后者没有做任何调整。 ,打任意球,皮球直接进网,0-1,梅州客家率先。在比赛的第50分钟,场上发生了意外情况。由于光照问题,该游戏暂时暂停。比赛结束时,球场上的火药味越来越浓。隋勇因对罚球不满意并多次在裁判中吠叫而被红牌罚。最后,梅州客家客场1-0击败贵州恒丰。

Group situation analysis


Meizhou Hakka and Zhejiang Energy Greentown both won this round of competition. In 7 games, both teams scored 15 points, leading the group standings. Now, with the last three rounds left in the first stage of the competition, Meizhou Hakka and Zhejiang Energy Greentown have become the favorites in the B super group. Defeating Shenyang City, Liaoning, Shaanxi Changan Competitive Hao won two consecutive victories and now has 9 points, and there is still a chance.


At 15:00 on October 4th, Beijing time, Sichuan You must choose to play against Heilongjiang FC. In the 40th minute, Sichuan Youbing got a good free kick opportunity. Wang Song directly hit the free kick and the ball was blocked by the goalkeeper. The two teams fought for 90 minutes, and the game ended 0-0.


At 19:00 on October 3, Beijing time, Changchun Yatai played against Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan. In the 29th minute of the game, there was an accident on the court. Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan goalkeeper Ekra Mujiang hit the post with his head during the save, unable to hold on to the game and was replaced. In the 48th minute, Changchun Yatai midfielder went straight, Tan Long got a single chance, broke into the penalty area, pushed the goal, 1-0. In the 64th minute, Changchun Yatai won the left corner of the front court. The corner kick was dropped into the penalty area, Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan goalkeeper made a save and hit the ball not far away, Souza followed up with a high jump header and easily smashed the ball into the net, 2-0. In the 65th minute, Changchun Yatai advanced to the frontcourt, Tan Long swayed the defensive player in front of the penalty area, and then kicked out a stunning lob, the ball went into the net, 3-0. Two minutes later, after Yang Ultrasound intercepted the ball in the frontcourt and sent a through ball, Tan Long once again had an excellent opportunity to score a 4-0 from the right rib in the penalty area, and Tan Long staged a hat trick. In the 74th minute, Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan advanced to the frontcourt. Abdullah got a single chance. After dunking the defensive player, he shot the ball into the net, 4-1, Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan pulled back. In the end, Changchun Yatai swept Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan 4-1 and successfully climbed to the top.

北京时间10月3日19:00,长春亚泰队对阵新疆雪豹纳欢队。在比赛的第29分钟,场上发生事故。新疆雪豹纳欢门将埃克拉·穆江(Ekra Mujiang)在扑救中用头撞到了门柱,无法坚持比赛并被im体育官网app换下。第48分钟,长春亚泰中场直奔,谭龙获得单发机会,闯入禁区,将球推向1-0。在第64分钟,长春亚泰赢得了前场的左角。角球落入禁区,新疆雪豹纳欢门将扑出扑救,将球射向不远的地方,苏扎跟随跳高头球攻门,轻松将球以2-0砸入球网。第65分钟,长春亚泰晋级前场,谭龙在禁区前甩开防守球员,然后踢出一记惊艳的吊球,皮球以3-0进入网状。两分钟后,在杨超声波在前场拦截球并送出一记直传球之后,谭龙再次获得了绝佳的机会,在禁区右肋处打进4-0,谭龙上演了帽子戏法。第74分钟,新疆雪豹纳欢晋级前场。阿卜杜拉有一次机会。扣篮防守球员后,他将球射入网中,新疆雪豹纳欢4-1扳回。最终,长春亚泰以4-1横扫新疆雪豹纳欢,成功登顶。

At 20:00 on October 4th, Beijing time, Nantong Zhiyun played against Kunshan FC. In the 72nd minute of the game, Kunshan FC played with the right side of the front court. Adeniji hit the penalty area and knocked back. Ruan Yang, who followed up in the middle, failed to catch the ball. However, the defensive player's clearance did not kick the ball far. Liu Yi, who followed up from the back point, followed up and hit the ball into the net, 0-1, which was the only goal in the game. In the 84th minute, Nan Yunqi hit the goal with a kick and hit the crossbar. In the end, with Liu Yi's goal, Kunshan FC beat Nantong Zhiyun 1-0.


Group situation analysis


After sweeping the Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan, Changchun Yatai successfully climbed to the top. Both Kunshan FC and Nantong Zhiyun scored 12 points. There is a high probability that the two super group places in the Changzhou division will be created between Changchun Yatai, Kunshan FC and Nantong Zhiyun. Now, Changchun Yatai takes the lead with a two-point advantage and takes the lead. However, the lead is not obvious. The top two competitions in the Changzhou Division are now very fierce.



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